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Zero Tolerance Policy

At Chartfield Surgery, we fully support the NHS Zero Tolerance Policy. The Zero Tolerance Policy is aimed at addressing the problem of abuse and violence against staff working in the NHS. It ensures that GPs, healthcare professionals, and all other staff have a right to conduct their duties and care for their patients without fear of violence or abuse. 

We understand that patients who are ill or otherwise in distress may not always act in a reasonable manner. We will always take this into consideration when dealing with patients or addressing a patient complaint. We ask in return that you treat your doctors and other Practice staff courteously and act in a responsible manner when engaging with our staff. 

Aggressive behaviour, whether verbally or physically abusive, will not be tolerated, and may result in you being removed from the practice register. Where staff or patients are at risk of harm, the police may be called. 


Removal from the Practice Register


In order to provide you with safe and effective care, we rely on a good relationship between our doctors and out patients. Removal of patients from the register is a rare and exceptional event, and is a measure of absolute last resort. If trusts has irrevocably broken down, it is as much in the interest of the patient as the practice that they seek out and register at a new GP practice. Removal of a patient from the register may result from a severely impaired patient-practice relationship or from immediate dismissal as a result of an incident in which the police have had to be involved. 


Removal of other family members from the Practice Register


In cases where a patient has been removed from the practice register and there may be a need to visit other members of their household at home, other family members may also have to be removed from the practice register. Attending a family member in a household where another patient has been removed from the practice register will present difficulties to our staff which may make it impossible to deliver adequate care. This is particularly the case where a patient has been removed from the practice register as a result of violent behaviour and where their actions may pose a risk of harm to our staff. 

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