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Patient Confidentiality 

Confidentiality is one of the most important aspects of healthcare. The duty of confidentiality which we hold to our patients is central to our everyday work. All information held about our patients is held in confidence, from medical histories to appointment records. 


All of our patients can be assured that their information will never be disclosed without their permission except in exceptional circumstances where there is a grave risk of serious harm. 


Responsibilities of Practice Staff


All of the healthcare professionals working at this practice must follow their professional codes of conduct and abide by the law. They must make every effort during their professional practice to ensure that patient confidentiality is protected. No identifiable information about patients may be passed to any person or agency without the express permission of the patient in question, except where this is critically necessary to provide care or to protect the health, safety, and wellbeing of another person. All healthcare professionals are individually accountable for their actions where patient confidentiality is concerned. 

The Practice takes all measures necessary to ensure that every member of staff working at the practice is aware of all policies and procedures regarding patient confidentiality. All team members are trained to understand the correct procedures necessary to protect patient confidentiality. The practice is responsible for ensuring that systems and measures to protect confidentiality are in place, and takes vicarious responsibility for the actions of those working at the practice.  

Confidentiality and Patient Data

Protection of patient confidentiality is a significant concern in all of our processing of patient data. We take precautions to ensure that personal or identifying information is safeguarded at all times during the care process. It is sometimes necessary, however, for us to share your data with other providers in order to provide safe and effective care, or to prevent harm from occurring either to you or to another patient. Where this is necessary, identifying information will be removed or your consent will be sought.

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